Aimee Millward's art practice engages with investigating the relationship between reality and abstraction within painting.

Influence is taken from everyday motifs such as space, landscape, nature and today's culture which are all reduced to their bare essential structures until they are unrecognizable. The mixture of gestural marks, various shapes and non-art materials becomes the starting point to establish a hybridisation of reality and abstraction to create some sort of heterotopia. This uncertain space constructs on going spectacles and experiences in the work. Each mark produces a pictorial language, each mark continually evolves.  

Aimee currently holds a studio at Temple Street Studios, Wolverhampton

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I also specialise in high quality portraits, prints and vinyl paintings here is my website
Aimee Millward Portraits 


MA Degree in Fine Art (Distinction) at The University of Wolverhampton 2015 - 2017

BA Hons Fine Art (First Class) at The University of Wolverhampton 2012 - 2015

Foundation Degree in Fine Art at Dudley College 2011-2012


MA Show, Wolverhampton Art Gallery, 2017

Wolves in Wolves
, Wolverhampton, 2017

Virtual Mirrors, Dudley Archives, 2017

Line.Form.Space. Eagle Works Gallery, 2017

Practice/Process/Production, The University of Wolverhampton, 2016

MA Interim Degree show, The University of Wolverhampton, 2016

985-2016, Mander Centre, Wolverhampton, 2016

New Art West Midlands, Wolverhampton Art Gallery, 2016

Transtopia, The Old Print Works, Birmingham, 2015

Neotopia, The Wheatsheaf, Walsall, 2015

Degree Show, University of Wolverhampton, 2015

Forging the Void, Quadrant Lounge, Wolverhampton, 2014

Electric Abstraction, Eagle Works Gallery, Wolverhampton, 2014

Paint it Black Exhibition, Quadrant Lounge, Wolverhampton, 2013


Drawing Symposium at Northycote Farm, 2017

Runner up of The Wolverhampton Art Gallery Prize for Fine Art, 2015

Guiltyvine's "Artist in Season" S/S, 2015